As a key to our commitment to quality, all of our products are lab tested at multiple stages. 

The first stage is the lab testing of the raw materials, and the hemp extract is tested by a 3rd party to ensure an accurate understanding of its potency. While most farmers and processors of hemp products do their own testing, we feel that it is essential to have an additional redundant test conducted to be more certain.

The second stage occurs after each batch is mixed - where we test for potency, heavy metals, pesticides and microbiological to ensure complete safety from all potential contaminants. 

How to Interpret the Data

Potency results can at times be unclear - they are listed in miligrams per gram of serum. We fill our masks with 22.9g +/-0.5g of serum, and so the total CBD and cannabinoid count in our products always end up coming at above 20mg per mask. 


Ageless Sheet Mask COA

Brightening Sheet Mask COA

Calm & Clear Sheet Mask COA